We are a team of volunteers who have been helping Kharkiv and Kharkiv region since the first days of the war.
Let's prevent a humanitarian crisis in the region together.

Currently Kharkiv is a region located only 15 km from the frontline

Problems of the region:

  • Shops and public transport are not working, thus many regions have an acute food problem
  • There are not enough resources to prepare the city for cold weather
  • Lack of jobs for the population
  • More than 20% of buildings don't have electricity and gas in the city, and they will not be centrally heated in winter
  • Psychological overload of the people after 7 months of constant shelling
  • Damage to critical infrastructure and lack of heating, electricity and gas

Our Team

Today our team includes 27 volunteers who worked in different fields before the war.
Our team has teachers, logisticians, IT specialists and businessmen.
Due to the fact that our team consists of people with experience from different fields our team is very efficient and mobile.

Let Us Come Together To Make A Difference

Help Ukraine


From the first days of the war to the present day our team has been evacuating people to safe places.

  • Our team has carried out 13 evacuations up to date (5047 people were evacuated)
  • All people were evacuated from Kharkiv and the region to such safe cities of Ukraine as Poltava, Dnipro, Kyiv, Lviv.
  • We evacuated people by bus from the population centers of the Chuguyiv district, which was under constant shelling.
  • Currently we are evacuating citizens of Kupyansk region, which our army liberated recently. Shops, public transport, and many other facilities are shut down or simply destroyed.

Construction works, preparing the city for cold weather

Today Kharkiv is a city where more than 5000 buildings have been damaged, and all of them require complete reconstruction.
But for now they need at least simple preservation and preparation for cold weather in order to avoid their destruction.

Our team did:

  • 3 basements that were equipped as bomb shelters
  • 1,400 apartments in which the windows were boarded up
  • 2 city schools that were completely preserved and prepared for the cold
  • 37 houses were equipped with wood-burning stoves and supplied with firewood for them

Food and warm meals

Nowadays the Kharkiv region is on the verge of a humanitarian disaster.
Approximately 500,000 people live in the city, of which 100,000-150,000 live in areas where shops and public transport are shut down.
All these people need daily help both in the form of food packages and in the form of warm meals depending on the area and the availability of electricity and gas in the buildings.

Our team did:

  • More than 90,000 food kits were created and delivered
  • More than 700 tons of food products were brought to the Kharkiv region, which were then distributed among partner funds and delivered to the population
  • Made 7 special visits to the Kharkiv region to areas that are in the gray zone,and delivered more than 7,000 food kits to these
  • Prepared and delivered more than 18,000 warm meals

The family project

Psychological support of Kharkiv families is one of the most acute problems of our region

  • The population of the city has been living under constant shelling for seven months, the psychological state of both adults and children is in a very bad shape
  • So our team decided to launch a social project from June 1, which is aimed at psychophysical support of children and their parents through physical education classes in a sport hall equipped with a bomb shelter.
  • Currently more than 700 families, 12 teacher-trainers and 2 psychologists are participating in the project.
  • From October 1, 2022, our foundation, together with EPAM, began sponsoring a children's team that plays in the TOP-16 teams in Europe.
    This team includes talented children who are not able to pay for competitions

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